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RH 102 Women's 1600 - 1660s Caps

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RH 102 Women's 1600 - 1660s Caps
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Cover Your Head!

Buy our full-size paper patterns with complete instructions and historical notes for coifs, forehead cloths, two versions of the Dutch cap, Hollar cap and Diadem cap for the 1600s-1660s. One size fits all. Embellishment suggestions included.

Suggested Fabrics:
3½ oz - 5 oz linen

Yardage Requirements:
Coif and Forehead Cloth " ½ yard
Dutch Cap " ½ yard
Hollar Cap " ¾ yard
Diadem Cap " ¼ yard

all: 40/2 linen sewing thread or equivalent
diadem cap: heavy-weight buckram
optional for all: bobbin lace trim
optional for coif and Dutch cap: millinery wire
optional for Dutch cap: two oblong glass beads

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