Historical fashion and historical patterns since 2005

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Middle Ages

Patterns from the Middle Ages, mainly from Reconstructing History


Patterns from renaissance, mainly from Reconstructing History

17th Century

Patterns from the 17th century. Mostly imported from Reconstructing History from USA.

18th Century

Patterns form the 18th century (rococo) mostly Reconstructing History or Mill Farm Patterns from USA


Regency patterns (about 1800) mostly imported from Reconstructing History from USA.


Patterns from the Victorian era. Imported from the United States from Truly Victorian, Reconstructing History and new from Ageless Patterns.

Unfortunately, Truly Victorian has now ceased wholesale. The patterns offered here are therefore discontinued.

20th Century

Patterns from the early 20th century


Authentic costumes from celtic culture after original finds imported from Reconstructing History (USA).


Costumes from eastern europe and oriental culture. Historical costumes from Poland, Turkey (Ottoman), Japan (Heian) or India.


With this new collection we offer you the best patterns with fancy sewing tips and everything that goes with it. Whether you want to sew bodysuits, ball gowns, trench coats or capes. In this collection all superheroes, sorcerers and magicians, no matter if beginner or professional - will find the perfect inspiration for your individual outfit.