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RH 819 1780s Chemise Dress

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RH 819 1780s Chemise Dress

When in 1783 Marie Antoinette adopted the simple muslin dresses worn by creole women in the French Caribbean colonies, she started a revolution she may one day have come to regret. The Chemise Dress (or chemise de la reine) is the first indication of the high-waisted, sheer gowns that would come to define the Empire and Regency period.

This is a full-size paper pattern with complete instructions and historical notes for a lady's chemise dress popular from 1783 until 1793 based on extant and pictorial examples. Fits busts 28"-50". One size fits all. Embellishment suggestions included.

Suggested Fabrics:
cotton muslin

Yardage Requirements:
4 yards at least 45" wide

cord for drawstrings
silk ribbon for trim

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